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About Us - Garage Door Repair Hollywood

Join us on Facebook - Garage Door Repair HollywoodGarage Door Repair Hollywood, FL. is known around StateName for providing professional repair, maintenance, and installation services. It’s not enough for us to have the people’s trust, we will do everything we can to retain and enhance it. We have been serving local homeowners over a decade, and so our customers always know they have someone to turn to when having problems with their doors.

We Love What We Do

People get excited about different things, and we get positively excited about garage doors, their parts, brands, products, accessories – you name it! The door is often a major part of your property’s façade, so if you plan on our door installation or replacement you can be sure we will look into every measurement and detail to make sure you get the perfect door and model for your needs. We are also proud of our maintenance services - let us maintain your door and chances are you won’t have to call for repairs for many, many years to come!

About Us - Garage Door Repair Hollywood

Garage Door Repair Hollywood is Proud to Offer Same Day Service

If you ever need garage door repairs in Hollywood, FL. or the nearby area, call us right away and we’ll be there on the same day and make sure that by the end of it your door is perfectly running. Besides rollers and cables, we have several models of openers and both torsion and extension springs in stock. If you’re unfortunate enough to end up with a broken spring, we will have it safely replaced right away on the spot.

Our Hand-Picked Team of Service Technicians

All of our technicians have a deep background of good service and fine workmanship. They are all impressive handymen in their own right, and fixing garage doors and openers is their expertise.

Our Promise: Satisfaction Guaranteed

It all comes down to how pleased the customers are with our service. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our professionalism and expertise, and of course - enjoy a safe, reliably and fully functioning door by the end of the service.

Local Business, Far and Wide Reputation

Garage Door Repair Hollywood, FL. is a local business by classification but our name and reputation travels throughout the region. We make sure to get to every customer on time, and to get the problem professionally handled on the spot.

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