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The industry guide on garage door repair. These tips are not to be missed for those that are looking for results.

  • Stripped gears are the most common cause of loud humming noise in the garage.

    The loud hum would come from the opener. The opener, especially an undersized one, is under heavy strain when in operation. The nylon gears in the opener will strip with stress over time, though, as life would have it, almost never within the warranty period. This is a job for qualified technician, and if your opener is very old, it may be time to upgrade to a modern unit.

  • The only instance you don’t need an insulated door is if your garage is not attached.

    If your garage is not attached to your house, then there’s not as compelling a reason to get an insulated garage door, unless of course if you actually have the garage temperature controlled. If the garage is attached, an insulated garage door will definitely save energy bill, and it’ll also make your time in the garage much more comfortable in extreme weathers.

  • Determine if all the moving components are working properly

    The moving parts include the rollers, the opener, the cables, and the garage door itself. If there are no signs of obvious damage, open and close the door several times to test its performance. If it makes squeaking noises, opens way too slow, or gets stuck, then you should not use it for the time being until our experts get it fixed.

  • Use Detergent or Soap for Cleaning a Manual Garage Door

    Cleaning the garage door with water is not enough. There could still be microscopic dirt on the surface that can be removed by washing with soap or detergent. Our experts of our garage door service in Hollywood recommend the use of a mild household detergent for washing the garage door, followed by water rinsing to remove all dirt buildup. Please note, this is not advisable for electric doors as mixing water with electricity is highly dangerous!

  • Replace broken components

    When garage door parts break or sustain damage, it's best to replace them. Some problems might get temporarily fixed but our experts insist that such methods are not recommended since they don't ensure absolute safety and the damaged part must be replaced soon or later anyway. So, both repair and replacement will cost you double.

  • Invest in electric openers

    Investing in electric garage door openers will help you have easier access to your house and many features, which are excellent for your safety according to the experts of our company in Hollywood. Besides, a backup battery system will keep the door automatic in power failure.

  • Watch out of the damaged garage door tracks

    Distorted tracks can cause significant problems to the good operation of the door and the security of your house. If they are damaged or not properly cleaned, the rollers won't move all the way and the door won't open and close properly. If the dent is rather big, you won't be able to open the door and the gap underneath it will compromise home security.

  • How to clean the surface of the door properly

    If you want to maintain a nice looking house in Hollywood, you must engage in garage door repair every time a component is damaged and clean the door panel well. Avoid pouring too much water on wood doors and use only mild liquid soaps and a soft sponge for the cleaning of the panel. Check for rust and scrub it off.

  • Opening Your Frozen Garage Door:

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    Garage doors tend to freeze when water has leaked under the bottom seal and frozen to the ground. Garage Door Repair Hollywood suggests using a heat source, for example a hairdryer, to melt the ice gently. When the ice has sufficiently melted and the door has loosened, remove any water and check the seal for evidence of damage. You may require a replacement to prevent reoccurrence. Don't forget that extreme temperatures may cause several problems to the system and that's why it is best to maintain it beforehand.

    The mechanical parts would need good lubrication if you want to avoid loud noises caused by friction but you must not neglect the electric garage door opener. It is wise to troubleshoot and repair damages or make sure the sensors are in full working order before winter. If you don't use the garage often during the cold days, it would be good to activate the opener daily to avoid problems with the mechanism or accumulation of snow around the door. It is self-evident that if your opener is old and needs to be replaced or upgraded, it is best to do it when the weather is still warm.

  • Replacing Components with a New Garage Door:

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    Many people attempt to reuse tracks when they have a new door installed. This is generally a bad idea as each particular door has been optimized to work with certain types of tracks. Replacing your garage door can actually be a good opportunity to change any worn tracks to ensure the system is safe and efficient. This is actually true for most components of the mechanism and it is usually recommended checking them thoroughly before new garage door installation. The inspection should be focused not only on their efficiency to function properly but also on their efficiency to operate the new door properly.

    Take garage door springs, for example. They are chosen in accordance with the weight of the door and if you fail to change them but get a heavier panel than the existing one, you'll be in trouble. The springs won't be able to open the panel and they may also snap. You must also pay attention to the horsepower of the garage door opener. Most residential doors would need ½ hp but if the door is much larger and heavier, you may need ¾ hp. Anyway, it would be a good chance to upgrade them.

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