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Get your facts right straight with FAQs for garage door repair. This is the page for it. Our answers to your questions are practically solutions to real problems. Make the best of them. They are simply written for everyone to understand.

  • Do I really need an automated garage door?

    Strictly speaking, no, you don’t need one. Manual garage doors have been around for a long time and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. However, they don’t offer you the safety, security and convenience that an automated door does. At just the touch of a button, you and your family can remain in the safety, and perhaps warmth, of your car until you get into your garage.

  • How extension springs keep the door balanced?

    One of the jobs garage door springs have is to balance the door. This way, they can pull it up evenly. This is why it is important to replace both extension springs together. They both have equal strengths and this is important because they counterbalance the overhead door by pulling and lowering the door evenly on both sides.

  • Is insulation important for my door?

    Insulation is important for a door. With insulated doors, the temperature inside the garage can be controlled allowing less heat to get in during summer and less heat to escape during winter. This actually reduces the energy required to heat or cool your home. Insulated doors can help save money and reduce exterior noise.

  • Are steel doors stronger than aluminum doors?

    The first point to consider is the type of impact, any car hitting the door at over 10km/hour will damage any type of door. You should definitely measure the thickness of steel in millimeters instead of gauge. A thicker steel door is a better choice.

  • Why should I not stand under the garage door?

    It is recommended to refrain from standing under the open garage door panel for safety reasons. You must maintain the sensors often but since you never know with machines, it's better to be safe than sorry! A sudden problem with the cables or springs would also cause injuries, so it's good to stay away from the door. After all, children would imitate your movements and repeat them and that can be more dangerous.

  • How should I paint my garage door?

    It is important to prepare the surface properly to allow the paint to adhere. Take time to properly sand away any rust or peeling paint. You will also need to ensure that the surface is cleaned of any grime or dirt. Apply a primer and allow sufficient time for it to dry before applying your chosen paint. You will need to apply several layers of paint, so allow each one to fully dry between coats. Allow the door to thoroughly dry before attempting to use your opener.

  • Why does my garage door screeches when opening?

    This can be caused by a number of issues. Generally screeching noises when the garage door is in motion are caused by worn out or poorly lubricated components. Check for any rusty hinges or bolts and worn rollers which may require replacement. Straining noises can also be caused by the door being warped or a damaged garage door track. Try lubricating all the moving parts on your system to see if this resolves the issue.

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